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University of London (UK) SOAS  Asian Art (South and East Asia)

University of Berlin (Germany) M.A.double Master by research

University of Fine Arts Berlin & Archaeology of Ancient Cultures (FU)

Class of Norbert Bisky (Painting) and Ai Weiwei (Concept), Salzburg Academy (Austria) 

Born in Spain, since 2000 she lives and works in Germany, currently at SOAS (SEA art)

2019 Prince’s Foundation of Traditional Arts London (UK): Lapizlazuli (Dr. David Cranswick)

2017 Florence Accademia d'Arte Firenze: Medieval Techniques of Gothic and Renaissance

2016 Oxford University (England): Cultural Anthropology

2014 London Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA): Scenic Art

         Venice Academy for Fine Arts and Media: Gerd Harry Lybke-Christian Ehrentraut

2002 Theatre  Francisco Salinas (Diploma) & Teatro de Marionetas Los Gigantillos

            Paris (France) Lycée Luis Buñuel Neuilly sur Seine

SOLO EXHIBITIONS/ PROJECTS  Kyoto (Japan) (2022-23)

2022 Venice (Italy) Venice Gallery Dorsoduro MinAri 

21-22 Hangzhou (China) Yonghe Art Museum Up-rise

2020 Sankt Petersburg (Russia) Blue my mind (may-july) Color me blue + Intreview 

2019 Helsinki (Finnland) Villa Eläintarha HIAP Helsinki International Artist Projects

2018 Kenya Noboisho Maasai Reserve: Ammalia Gil-Merino Maasai Mara

2017 Hong Kong (China) Amalia Gil-Merino Gallery AWE•some FENIX CAT

2016 Sydney (Australia) Casula Powerhouse Art Center: Tucohera

         Bali (Indonesia) Foundation Bali Purnati /Yayasan Bali Purnati, Amalia Gil-Merino: Bali, Bali

2015 Sydney (Australia) Casula Powerhouse Art Center: Liverpool at Georges River

2014 Chiang Mai (Thailand) Monfai Cultural Center / Ne’Na Contemporary: Return to paradise

2013  Beijing (China) Red Gate Gallery: Amalia Gil-Merino-Neo Noir AIR CAT

2012  Pisa (Italy) Centro Arte Moderna: Amalia Gil-Merino-The woman and the myth CAT

2010  Hannover (Germany) Spanish Embassy (Consulado General de Espana) Amalia Gil-Merino      

2008  Berlin (Germany) Kulturbrauerei Amalia Gil-Merino

2006  Burgos (Spain) Consulado del Mar Amalia Gil-Merino

2004  Burgos (Spain) Los Gigantillos-Jose Luis Karraskedo Amalia Gil-Merino CAT

2002  Burgos (Spain) Monasterio Las Huelgas Amalia Gil-Merino

2000  Burgos (Spain) Museo las Huelgas: Amalia Gil-Merino CAT

Collaborations/ Scholarships/ Artist in Residence

2018  Kenya Noboisho Maasai Reserve: Ammalia Gil-Merino Maasai Mara

2017  UNESCO World Federation Patras 15th PATRAS ART /Art Symposium Argiri Cultural Center

2016  Bali (Indonesia) Foundation Bali Purnati/ Yayasan Bali Purnati Art Center (Project Bali

2015  Sydney (Australia) Casula Powerhouse Arts Center (Project with artist R. Lee)

2014  Chiang Mai (Thailand), Ne’Na Contemporary/ Monfai Cultural Center Artist in residence

2013  Beijing (China) Red Gate Gallery: Artist in residence

2012  Leipzig (Germany) Bronze im Künstlergut Prösitz Kunstgießerei (with Kim J. Blöß)

2008  Berlin Pergamon Museum Staatliche Museen zur Berlin Kultur Besitz (Internship)

2006  Copenhagen (Denmark) Carsten Niebuhr Institute: Water Representation in Ancient World

          Israel, Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem & Tel Aviv University Artefacts (Excavation research)

2004/05 Berlin Altes Museum: Gesichter des Orients-10000 Jahren Kunst aus Jordanien




Haegeumgang MUSEUM- Yukung Art Museum Gyeongnsangnam-do, South Korea

UNESCO World Federation Greece

Museum of Contemporary Art, Artplu (MCA) Shanghai / Nanjing (China)

Foundation Bali Purnati /Yayasan Bali Purnati Bali (Indonesia)

Palazzo Ca'Zanardi Venice (Italy)


Private Collections in Spain, Italy, Germany, London, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and New York

GROUP Exhibitions selection

2021  Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) Fine Arts Museum (forthcoming)

          Hangzhou (China) Beauty of Meticulousness, Diaoyutai Gallery

2020  Kyoto (Japan) 2020 Art Festival, KAF Kyoto Art Festival

          South Korea GeojeAtomic Peace 1.9-25.10.2020 Haeumgang Theme MUSEUM 

          France La Rochelle Les Salon International d'Artes Plastiques 22.10-6.11.2020

          Singapore BeOne Gallery

2019  South Korea, CICA MUSEUM Gimpo-Si Form 2019

          South Korea, Haegeumgang MUSEUM / Yukung Art Museum Gyeongnsangnam-do

          Las Vegas METROPOLITAN Art MUSEUM

          Singapore Shining Light Hwa Chong Cultural Centre

          Karlskrona (Sweden) The Art Dots

          New York Art Exposition (January and March) Artosino Gallery

          Barcelona De Madrid a Barcelona Galleria Cobenna in coop. with Eka & Moor Gallery (Madrid)

          Cairo/ Al-Fayyoum (Egypt) UNESCO Cairo/  ARSINOE International Art Forum

2018  South Korea, Haegeumgang MUSEUM / Yukung Art Museum Gyeongnsangnam-do Love Inspiration

          London Chelsea PARALLAX Art Fair with Eka & Moor Gallery

          Brugues (Belgien) International Biennal of Flanders OUD SINT JAN MUSEUM

          Abu Dhabi (UAE) Abu Dhabi Art Fair

          New York (U.S.) ARMORY SHOW with Milano Art Gallery

          Venice (Italy) Scuola Grande della Misericordia (Cannareggio) BIENNALE OF NATIONS/ Tribute to TIZIANO

          Palma de Malorca (Spain) ArtMallorca with Artists of Eka & Moor Gallery

          Madrid (Spain) Artists Eka & Moor Gallery

          Casablanca (Morocco) 1st Casablanca Art Fair

2017  Miami ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH with Vittorio Sgarbi

          Venice (Italy) Palazzo Ca'Zanardi RITUALS-ANIMA MUNDI coll. 57th LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA

          Patras (Greece) 15th PATRAS ART & UNESCO World Federation Art & Letters of Achaia in Argiri Cultural Center

          Hong Kong (China) The Beauty of the World Gallery AWE•some FENIX CAT

          Shanghai (China): Flying on the Road MUSEUM of CONTEMPORARY ART, Artplu (MCA)

          Barcelona (Spain) MEAM EUROPEAN MUSEUM OF MODERN ART- II Biennale Barcelona CAT

          Buenos Aires (Argentina): ALCHEMIC BODY: Air-Water-Earth-Fire Laura Haber Gallery

          Nanjing (China): Art Nanjing 2017 May CAT

          Madrid (Spain) Exposición collectiva de artistas Eka &Moor Gallery

          Venice (Italy) Palazzo Ca'Zanardi: Liquid Rooms-The Labyrinth

          Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) PORT Commune Art Space, Joy of life CAT

          Venice (Italy) Palazzo Flangini: Contemporary Venice Extended

          Rome (Italy) Galeria Domina Romana, Art Winter

2016  Venice (Italy) Palazzo Flangini: Contemporary Art Venice

          Steyr (Austria) Palais Werndl: Contemporary Art

          Singapore: Gallery AWE•some FENIX

          Florence (Italy): Galleria dell UFFIZI- Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi: Artists CAT

          Venice (Italy) Palazzo Ca'Zanardi: BORDERS in FUTURE LANDSCAPES coll. LA BIENNALE Arch.. CAT

2015  Basel (Switzerland) ART BASEL with Gallery Zero

          Sydney (Australia) Project Liverpool Area, Casula Powerhouse Art Center

          London Rag Factory, Mothership issue I    


          Berlin (Germany) Berliner Liste 2013 (by Infantellina Contemporary)

2012  Florence (Italy) Art Cave Gallery: Amalia Gil-Merino in Art in Travel CAT  

          Leeds (England) Invisible Curators Victorian Corn Exchange: KONNY Redefining the propaganda       

2011  Shanghai Art Fair 2011 Amalia Gil-Merino "Metamorphosis" CAT     

          Berlin AfFAIRS 2011 Amalia Gil-Merino „Apocalypse“  CAT

          New York Gallery: Contemporary German Art with support of German Embassy in New York CAT

          London (UK) Brick Lane Gallery: Open Eyes CAT

          Milazzo (Italy) UNICEF-Arte: A heart for Dafur (Sudan) Auct. CAT

2010  Venice (Italy) Arsenale of Venice: Arte Laguna 2009

2008  Hannover (Germany) Kestner Museum: Archäologie einer unsterblicher Gestalt CAT

2006-5 Berlin Urania Forum: Gilgameš CAT

2004   Berlin FU Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften: Archäologie visuell vermittelt


Awards and grants 

2019      ARTEMISIA GENTILESCHI Award, Figlia dell’Arte Barocca Italiana, Apulia (Italy)

2018      Haegeumgang MUSEUM- Yukung Art Museum Gyeongnsangnam-do, South Korea Future Development Award

              PABLO PICASSO Award commemorating the 80th  Anniversary of "Guernica", Teatro Apollo 2018

2018      TRIBUTE TO TIZIAN (Sculpture) Scuola Grande della Misericordia, Cannareggio, Venice

2017      GOYA Gran Teatre del Liceu "Francisco de Goya Award" May 6th Barcelona (Spain)

2017      MILAN Special Prize "New Artistic Realities" Scientific Committee-Vittorio Sgarbi at Dal Verme Theatre

2017      THE WARRIORS OF RIACE Award (Sculpture) VICTOR HUGO Human Rights Recognition Lecce (Italy)

2016      The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists (Stylistic value) Palais Sternberg, Vienna (Austria)

2016      Contemporanei nella città degli UFFIZI Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi, Florence (Italy)

2016      MINERVA Intenational Art Award: La Dea di tutte le Arti, Lecce (Italy)

2016      TIEPOLO Premio Internazionale Arte-Milano (significant artistic commitment) Palazzo Clerici Milan (Italy)

2016      LEONARDO International Award (for Universal Artist), Palazzo Borguese (Christie's), Rome (Italy)

2015      I. International Prize MICHELANGELO, Palazzo Cesi, Florence (Italy)

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