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MinAri Venice  2022

Venice 2022, the multicultural group of artists, who met in Korea (Yukung Museum and Haegeumgang Museum) present MinAri.

MinAri is a water plant, which in Asia accompanies life and everyday tables, symbol of the consumer culture but still is a food present at the everyday table. It can represent a parallel reality as well where shapes and forms metamorphose into another world, full of possibilities and endless odds.

In this series, Amalia Gil-Merino presents small works on wood, recycled paper and handmade paper as a connection to the artists and persons who don’t have even the basic goods to survive. Prepared after the 24th of February 2022, the artist worked intensely to present a dialog within human culture between Orient and Occident, between techniques and forms.

“Our group full of different nationalities is an Ode to the tolerance and friendship regardless of nationalities”

© Amalia Gil-Merino

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